bash~$ whoami

    Greetings! I'm Max, also known as /u/Obj3ctdisoriented on reddit, and this is my humble domain: a place to showcase my curiosity, creativity,
and work. I've been interested in computers and electronics since I've been able to read, and was certainly fascinated by
technology before that. I started programming at 11 years old, first with Visual Basic, QBasic, and HTML, and then
progressing to C/C++ and Perl. I've also dabbled in Java, Delphi, PHP, and x86 Assembly, just to name a few of the other
programming languages that I have played with at one time or another.

     Recently I've adopted the Swift programming language as one of the main
tools i use on new projects. Take a look at the libTCOD tutorial I put together
for a peak at what I've been up to with the Swift language.
      Aside from Swift, C/C++ are the other languages which I predominantly use when engaging in projects.
Recently I developed a network based system time tool, time2
for Linux/BSD/macOS which calibrates system time via a network time server, and calculating seconds that have elapsed since
the beginning of the UNIX Epoch.

     Aside from programming, I've been a user of Linux, BSD, macOS and various other UNIX and POSIX systems for the past twenty years.
For me, $HOME is a bash shell.
      Believe it or not, I do find time outside of computers to pursue my love of hiking, camping,
snowboarding and being in wide open nature. In an age of hyper connectivity, I believe that
it's more important than ever to find the time to unplug, decompress, and enjoy the beauty
of this giant rock hurtling through space we call Earth.
      It is this love of nature which inspired me to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science,
which I recieved from SUNY Plattsburgh in 2010. During my academic career I also recieved
an Associates Degree in Life Sciences from Clinton Community College in 2008.
      Aside from being a technophile and nature lover, I'm also an avid guitar player, and music lover in general. Music of all kinds
inspires and moves me, and it is indeed a rare sight to encounter me without some music playing or wearing headphones.
A tasty guitar solo pushes me to creative and spiritual heights that are unparalleled.

Well, thats a little peak at who I am. If you want to know more, or just chat about computers, music, hiking
or what ever tickles your fancy drop me an email at
Ciao for now!