About this tutorial

     This project came about when I first became interested in the development
of Roguelike games. Incidently I had just started dabbling in the Swift language
and was looking for a cool project to really get a feel for what the language had
to offer. I quickly realized that although there was a significant knowledge base
in the Rogue like dev scene, it was lacking when it came to Swift.

     As is reflected in the /r/Roguelikedev index of past code along events, most developers
choose the route more travelled with the extensive documentation and support for
libTCOD with python. The rest choosing to implement libTCOD or BearLibTerminal in
their native C/C++ bindings, with a smattering of developers using Rust, C#,
heck, languages like javascript, and even Go had a Roguelike tutorial!

     After gettinga feel for the roguelike
development process by creating one in C++ using BearLibTerminal I decided to take
the plunge and create a Swift wrapper for libTCOD, taking advantage
of Swift's access to the Objective-C and thus C and C++ compiler through Xcode
The result is this, a wrapper for interacting with libTCOD in a native, Swift way,
and a tutorial to follow in the tradition of the various /r/Roguelikedev and Roguebasin
tutorial development cycles. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy following this tutorial
as much as i have putting it all together. If you have any questions, drop me a line!
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